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The Age of Insurrection has begun.

"The assassination of the Widow-King, at the hands of agents from the North, has broken the Cardinal Armistice. The Kingdom of the Setting Sun lost her Queen during the First Cardinal War. The Kingdom has lost her King at the start of the Second. I will not lie, clouds have gathered, the storm is coming, threatening to destroy what we have so carefully rebuilt. This generation of prudence is now the generation of justice. Treaties that have not been broken, will. The armies of the lands will march again. We must be careful, for enemies and allies can be one and the same.

The Cardinal Rose has entered the season of Autumn; her petals will wilt from chaos, avarice, and insurrection. To make matters worse, the wrath of the Paragon has torn asunder the Church (of Sarenrae). He will spread his scourge across the land; a false prophet spouting blasphemy of the most unnatural sort. We must not fall prey to his unholy teachings. Many followers of The Church (of Sarenrae) believe this to be the beginning of the End of Days. That the Sun has set on our Kingdom, within our souls, and the entirety of existence. So long as I am your Witch-Queen, so long as I sit on the throne to protect our sovereignty, we shall not fall. We shall avenge our Queen, our King. We shall prevail. We must. We will."

- Witch-Queen Leesha Solara
The Coronation of Solara

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