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This is the starting point of the campaign thus far. Throughout these links, you will find information that will be separated based on three fields of knowledge: Common Knowledge, Party Knowledge, and Apocrypha. There will be conflicting information throughout these three areas. That is natural as you and your party explore ancient ruins, acquire new information, and even visit new Planes of Existence.

This wiki will not contain mundane information on common creatures and monsters. That is reserved for the Pathfinder Bestiaries. There will be information on creatures and monsters of influence and People of Interest.

Common knowledge

Common knowledge details information that is widely accepted as fact across the entire planet. An example of common knowledge is that the Eastlind Kingdom is Elvish. It will be practically impossible to convince others of something that sounds absurd without concrete evidence*.

Party knowledge

Party knowledge contain information that the entire group knows. They do not contain individual player knowledge; that is kept on the DM’s secret trove. Should a player divulge Player Knowledge to everyone, it will be added to Party knowledge. It is always assumed that information given only to a specific player will be put into the DM secret trove unless explicitly stated. An example of Party knowledge is the true identity of Dagon (Count Ranalc).


Apocrypha is errata that cannot be truly trusted because it can only be taken on an individual’s (vocal) word or written medium. The veracity of such information is up to you to decide. If you find Apocrypha to be true, then it is true; if you find it to be false, then it is false. Because of the high probability that Apocrypha is untrue, the default reaction to discussing such information to non-party members is always unconvinced without concrete evidence*. An example of Apocrypha is the true origin of all Demons and Devils (see Count Ranalc).

Creatures and Monsters of Influence

Creatures and Monsters of Influence are fantastic and highly influential. Their rich culture and potential to change the outcome of the campaign is too great to ignore. Here you will find information regarding beings such as Demons, Devils, Angels, and other such beings. Each page will contain all three fields of information: Common, Party, and Apocrypha.

People of Influence

People of Influence are just that. They are the Heads of State. They are famous individuals. They also could have, either on their own, or through the force of charisma, changed the Cardinal Rose so much that they have become legends. Here you will find information on such People of Influence like the Magisters—the Mystic Theurges with near god-like powers—, or individuals like the Goddess Sarenrae. Each page will contain all three fields of information: Common, Party, and Apocrypha.

Timeline of Golarion

The Timeline of Golarion contains the major events of the Prime Material Plane. Her history is old and weathered. She has endured the cataclysm of Contact-Rapture, the fall and rise of empires, the Ten Century Agony, and the Elvish Armada. The central tenant that binds these horrible events together all have their origin or influence from Contact-Rapture.

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*Information that is not detected to be magically manipulated, cross-referenced by at least three other pieces of corroborative evidence, and confirmed by sanctioned scholars of antiquity

Main Page

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