Dagon, Demon Prince of the Sea

Common Knowledge

Very little is known about the Demon Lord Dagon. His history is not wholly agreed upon by the Scholars of Antiquity. He is classified within the First Demons, who are the strongest and most ancient of demons; that much is in agreement. His realm, Ishiar, is the largest within the Abyss-Proper. Not only is it the largest, it also encompasses the realms of the (relatively) lesser demons. Absolute agreement by the Scholars of Antiquity ends there. Henceforth, all further information should be treated as Apocrypha.

Party Knowledge

You have all met Dagon, who was imprisoned in the Ruins of Asmara. A music box that contains the Song of Extinction was played before the massive stone sculpture of Dagon. This was all related to Fractal’s eternal punishment. The imprisonment of Dagon was not the hands of Porter, but through Vepar and his associate


The only thing that the Scholars have agreed upon thus far is his title and his holdings. Not to say that there hasn’t been speculation amongst the Scholars. Some say that he is older than Asmodeus, or even Lucifer. Some say that he is the font of all Demons, the first true Demon. None of these claims are able be verified, as no such legends, artifacts, or other such information has been found in the ruins of Golarion.

“It is extremely rare for the veracity of Outsiders to be so conveniently placed before us in our humble plane (Golarion). There are words and whispers of their origins across the lands; in the churches of the orthodox, in the pubs of the working man drinking their drink, and in the schoolyard rhymes of children’s games. All must have a common root, but that Tree of Knowledge is too deep and spread too far. Its presence is only teased and subtly felt, like the poet to her poetry.”


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